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Start your evening with a dip that's got it all—a subtle smokiness, plenty of aromatics, and briny pops of flavor. The lush and creamy texture is the perfect counterpart to crunchy bits like crackers, toasts, or veggies. And be sure to pair it with an equally, well-seasoned star: The Bathtub Old Fashioned from Shaker & Spoon's Speakeasy box. 


4 oz. tinned smoked trout
8 oz. creme fraiche
The zest of half a lemon
1 shallot, finely chopped
A small pinch of kosher salt (the fish & capers are already plenty salty)
A generous amount of fresh cracked pepper

To garnish: capers, olive oil & fresh dill

To serve: your favorite crusty bread, seasoned with olive oil and toasted


1. Add all ingredients to a medium bowl and mash together using a fork until well combined. The texture should be similar to a loose tuna salad

2. Spoon mixture into your favorite serving dish & top with capers, dill, & a drizzle of good olive oil.

3. Serve with toasty bread or crackers & enjoy!



Stay in touch for more of Hither Lane's tasty bites to complement Shaker & Spoon cocktails!

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