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Alicja Unique Chocolate Bars

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EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK is a 30.4% caramelized milk chocolate bar. Everything you could think of putting in a chocolate bar is here: chips, pretzels, popcorn, candies, gummies, dried fruit, nuts, caramel, sprinkles, the list goes on!

RAMEN BOWL is a 33.6% milk chocolate bar. You may think this bar is totally weird: trust us when we say it’s one of our best. Remember crushing up ramen noodles, and eating them dry as a kid? Do that and take a bite of chocolate! Salty and sweet.

WASABI is a 54.5% dark chocolate bar. This bar has serious spice. A true japanese flavor. If you like nose clearing spicy, you'll love this bar. We challenge you to eat more than 4 squares at once! Vegan friendly, gluten-free friendly. 54.5% cocoa

JAPANESE CHEESECAKE is a 28% white chocolate bar. This chocolate bar is subtle and delicious. Unique and soft Japanese cheese cake is mixed in with the chocolate making it fluffy and sweet.

MOVIE NIGHT POPCORN is a 33.6% milk chocolate bar. Packed full of caramel popcorn, it’s the perfect movie night treat. Gluten free, vegetarian.

PROSECCO is a 28% white chocolate bar. Flavored with premium French oils used by the worlds best bakers and confectioners to create the perfect blend of Prosecco flavored white chocolate. Does not contain alcohol. Gluten free.

SWEET CORN is a 33.6% milk chocolate bar. A bestseller. Packed full of corn flake cereal and real freeze dried corn.

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Woman Owned and Sustainably Made

Care Instructions

Store in Cool Dry Place


3 oz chocolate bar