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Heetmakers Hot Sauces

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From a very hard to find & award winning Dutch hot sauce brand, we bring you an array of boozy hot sauces that combine heat with impeccable flavor.  Environmentally sustainable & socially responsible, these sauces have incredibly unique yet versatile flavors, incorporating ingredients like whiskey & gin to bring a spirit forward tang to some of the recipes. Each bottle comes with a gorgeous cardboard packaging. See below for individual sauce information: 

Descriptions in order of hottest to least hot. 

Brain Buzzer:

Heat 10/10. The brain buzzer is the hottest sauce of Raijmakers heetmakers. This hot sauce contains the Carolina reaper (hottest pepper in the world) and it will get you into a higher dimension. It has a rich tomato base and they threw in some ginger to add some depth. Besides buzzing your brain this sauce will add great flavor to foods such as rice and noodles dishes. Refrigerate after opening. List of ingredients: Tomato, rice vinegar, onion, Carolina reaper, brown sugar (sugar, invert sugar syrup, colorant E150D), garlic, salt, water, ginger, soy beans, wheat, vinegar, smoked paprika powder, herbs & spices, citrus fiber.

Whiskey Heat Enhancer:

An award winner! With an 8/10 heat, it definitely makes you feel nice & hot. Heat Enhancer contains a good amount of fresh habanero’s, smoky chipotle and some infused whiskey to give this hot sauce a beautiful sweet touch. The ultimate cure for all of your meat and barbecue dishes, such as ribs, steaks and wings. Ingredients: Brown sugar, cider vinegar, water, habanero, chipotle, tomato concentrate, salt, whiskey, plum, smoked paprika powder, onion, vinegar, herbs & spices, tomato paste, soy oil, spices, dried chilli pepper. 


The Tranquilizer is a 7/10 heat & a versatile and addictive hot sauce containing a great mix of the beloved habanero peppers & sweet potato. It’s rounded out with ingredients such as smoked bell peppers, carrots and lime to make this tangy hot sauce the best condiment for almost every dish. Refrigerate after opening.  ingredients: Water, habanero, onion, sweet potato, carrot, vinegar, garlic, lime juice (contains sulfite), salt, smoked paprika powder. Heat 7/10

Gin Immune Booster:

The Gin Immune booster is a 6/10 heat with delicious fresh and sour, fermented notes. With a load of fresh jalapeños you can definitely feel the heat, but it’s the combination with the gin & lime that makes it addictively delicious. Perfect for every food from burgers to fish, salads to sandwiches and almost any Asian dish. Refrigerate after opening. Ingredients: Jalapeño, tomatillo, water, lime juice, vinegar, garlic, gin, paprika, onion, honey, salt, sugar, herbs & spices. 


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Care Instructions

Refrigerate after opening


13.4 Oz