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Grapefruit & Cedar Hand Soap

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Discover our liquid hand soap with grapefruit and cedar essential oils - an invigorating experience for your senses and an indulgent treat for your skin. Our expertly crafted formula combines the lively energy of grapefruit with the comforting warmth of cedar, creating a perfect balance between refreshing vitality and soothing gentleness. Grapefruit essential oils, known for their refreshing and purifying properties, infuse a revitalizing vitality with each use. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and fruity notes that awaken your senses while benefiting from their natural cleansing virtues, gently eliminating impurities. Our liquid hand soap formula proves gentle on the skin, thanks to meticulously selected ingredients that ensure a thorough cleansing without drying. Experience the sumptuous lather gliding over your hands, leaving a feeling of cleanliness and lasting freshness with every use. 16.9 oz bottle
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Sustainably Made, Woman Owned, and Handmade


Grapefruit & Cedar essential oils


16.9 oz bottle