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Matte Midnight Wine Glass Set of 2

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Introducing the Matte Midnight Wine Glass, a moody and sophisticated vessel that adds a fascinating twist to the classic wine glass. These glasses stand tall at 9 inches, have a diameter of 4 inches, and hold a generous 20 ounces of liquid.  The striking matte black finish, creating a bold and captivating visual impact. The matte black color has just a hint of deep navy and gives a modern and edgy touch to the traditional wine glass design, making it a standout addition to your glassware collection. These glasses offer a perfect balance between elegance and a hint of intrigue. Crafted with precision, they not only make a style statement but also offer practicality. The 20-ounce capacity allows for generous pours, accommodating a wide range of wines and satisfying the taste buds of all.



20 Oz Capacity- 9" H x 4" D