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Fuego hot sauces

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Exceptional hot sauces in 3 distinct styles, hand bottled in the USA in small batches.

RIZA: 6/10 heat. This is labor of ghostly green love from the Fuego Spice Co. team; a full-flavored ghost pepper and jalapeño-based verde hot sauce that goes on anything. Made with fresh, organic ingredients, Riza brings the heat, but, like everything we do, it's focused on flavor first.

SEGA: 7/10 heat. A brand new sauce from Fuego Spice Co.! This tongue-tingling, vinegar-forward sauce balances the heat of the world’s hottest pepper with maplewood smoked onion and the subtle sweetness of fresh pineapple and honey. The tang comes from a luscious small-farm organic apple cider (with the mother) and the heat from organic Carolina Reapers grown by PuckerButt Pepper Co. in Fort Mill, SC.

ZANA: 4/10 heat. Created by a guy who went way too far down the hot sauce rabbit hole...Growing up in Santa Barbara, Mike, Zana Sauce creator (and Fuego Box founder) had an early hot sauce obsession and always enjoyed sharing his sauce love with others. After tasting 1,000s of hot sauces, this is Mike’s endeavor into making his dream everyday hot sauce; a full-flavored, medium heat sauce that goes with just about every meal. Made with fresh, organic ingredients, Zana Sauce is accidentally healthy and intentionally focused on flavor over mind-melting heat. A true food lover's hot sauce.

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